I have always loved adventure – whether it has been in my career, my entrepreneurial activities, or my life. On my travels, I have met so many terrific people, learned about their culture, their perspectives. Every year, I take a trip with family, or friends, or sometimes alone to a new destination. It renews and inspires me, and I hope that my commentaries will inspire you to explore our shared world as well as to value and marvel at what may appear at the time to be seemingly small and unimportant moments in this wonderful time that we have on this earth. Feed your adventurous side and revel in the power of moments with Meandering Musings!

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I recently attended the opening night of the Seattle International Film Festival, which showcased the film “Thelma,” starring the spirited 94-year-old June Squibb. This delightful drama, thriller, and comedy combo kept me on... Read More

A Reservation

In a recent blog post, I shared a frustrating experience at the Jackson-Medgar Evans International Airport, where despite having a reservation with Budget Rent-A-Car, I was told no cars were available due to... Read More

Carrot Cake Pancakes

I adore carrot cake, so imagine my surprise when I discovered carrot cake pancakes at my favorite breakfast spot, the 14 Carrot Café in Seattle. Despite my usual indifference to pancakes, I couldn’t... Read More

A Nickname

In school, I had the unique nickname of “penalty” due to my enthusiastic and aggressive style of play in ice hockey. As a defenseman, I set records for penalty minutes at Williams College,... Read More