Showering Outdoors

I have a rather unusual habit that might surprise my listeners: I’ve been taking outdoor showers almost every day for the past 70 days. There’s something incredibly invigorating and grounding about the experience, connecting me to nature’s elements. Curious about … Read More

A Bad Day

Today, I experienced a rather unfortunate four-hour stretch, which is quite unusual for someone with my typically optimistic outlook. It all began with a dreaded dentist appointment, knowing I’d be in the chair for a lengthy two hours, and even … Read More


I recently had a moment of nostalgia, realizing that I haven’t received or sent a postcard in years. A dear friend embarking on a Danube River cruise evoked the instinct to ask for postcards, sparking reflections on this nearly forgotten … Read More

Shock and Awe

After an early morning flight to Chicago, I found myself at a new gate with no available seats. A stranger, a tall man in his 50s with his family, kindly offered his seat to me, prompting me to reflect on why. Though initially shocked, I ultimately felt immense gratitude for this act of kindness, because of the rarity and genuine warmth of such gestures in today’s world.… Read More

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