The Help

Having recently visited Mississippi, I decided to rewatch “The Help” on my flight back to Seattle, and unexpectedly found myself overcome with emotions and tears. The film, set in Jackson, Mississippi during the early ’60s, vividly captures the racism and … Read More

Newspapers — Where have they gone?

While staying at a Marriott hotel in Tampa, I was shocked to discover that they no longer carry print newspapers. The decline in print newspapers over the past 18 years, with 25% going out of business since 2005, has reached … Read More

Finger Bowls

I recently attended a crab boil dinner and was reminded of the elegance and practicality of finger bowls, which have sadly disappeared from dining tables. In contrast to the cumbersome and less refined wet wipes, finger bowls offer a simple … Read More

Great Hotel Lobbies

I recently stayed at the Hotel Paseo in Palm Desert, California, and its lobby has earned a spot in my list of great hotel lobbies. What sets it apart is not only the usual amenities but also two unique features: … Read More

The Value of a Personal Note

Yesterday, I received an unexpected and heartwarming note from my friend Jim in the mail. The note, quoting Henry David Thoreau, expressed gratitude for my ability to improve others’ days and praised the positive impact I’ve had on Jim’s life. … Read More


I have a deep affection for peaches, and it’s not just because my dear sister has been affectionately known as “Peaches” for over half a century. Beyond sentimental attachment, the luscious sweetness and juiciness of a ripe peach never fail … Read More

Road Kill Cafe

During my road trip through Arizona, I stumbled upon the quirky and enticing Road Kill Café in Seligman. Nestled on Historic Route 66, this eatery lives up to its eccentric reputation with a menu featuring creatively named dishes like “Awesome … Read More

Purple Cow

I recently had the pleasure of attending a mini reunion at my alma mater, Williams College, known for its unusual mascot – a purple cow. While it may seem eccentric compared to the more common mascots like bulldogs or wildcats, … Read More


I recently spent a week in Mississippi, primarily in Jones County and the town of Laurel, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered. Despite Mississippi’s often low rankings in various metrics, Laurel exudes a sense of progress and … Read More


Halloween is a truly special day, one that I believe should be considered a national holiday. Halloween, while not officially recognized as such, holds immense significance for various reasons. It allows us all to indulge in a bit of escapism, … Read More

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