How We Value a Good Teacher

Reflecting on my own educational journey, I express gratitude for the remarkable teachers who shaped my perspective and instilled a love for learning. Recently, stumbling upon my grandmother’s 1905 teaching contract, where she earned a mere $10 for a month’s … Read More

How to Tell If You Are Getting Old

n my ongoing quest to maintain a youthful spirit, I recently faced undeniable reminders that age is catching up with me. Despite my efforts to resist the inevitable, instances like attending a water aerobics class and strategically placing eyeglasses throughout … Read More

Ummm Boy! Almond Joy!!!!

I have a passion for Almond Joy candy bars. Recently, I had a surprising experience at a gas station mini-mart where my beloved candy was placed on a lower shelf. I wonder about the reasons behind this remote placement and … Read More

A View of Gaza – 60 Years Earlier

In this heartfelt remembrance from 60 years ago, I reflect on my experience in the Gaza Strip during Operation Crossroads Africa. I feel tremendous gratitude for my grandmother’s encouraging letters at that time and lament the lack of awareness in … Read More

Getting Ghosted

Recently, a friend shared the term “ghosting” with me, describing the painful experience of someone abruptly disappearing from your life without explanation. This conversation prompted me to reflect on whether I had ever unintentionally ghosted someone, and as I pondered, … Read More

Date Shake

Growing up, dates held a special place in my heart due to my grandmother’s loving tradition of always having them ready for me. Now, living in the heart of date mecca in the Coachella Valley, I can easily indulge in … Read More

The Highest Gas Price in the USA

Recently, I opted for the scenic route from Southern California to Las Vegas, avoiding the bustling Interstate 15 for a 280-mile drive through the uninhabited Mojave and Sonoran deserts. The stark beauty of the barren landscape, devoid of human activity, … Read More

A Really Good Morning

After a recent downbeat blog post, I decided to uplift my spirits and those of my readers by indulging in a delightful breakfast at Sherman’s Deli in Palm Springs, California. The warm hospitality, with the hostess allowing me to choose … Read More

Taking the Time to Think

Reflecting on the second anniversary of the passing of Charles R. “Charlie” Morris, a mentor and former Secretary of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, I share a powerful memory from 1975 that left a lasting impact … Read More

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