Recently, I revisited the musical Cabaret in a local theater production featuring my dance instructor, Beverly. This classic musical, one of Broadway’s greatest, captivates me with its memorable score, compelling characters, and a storyline that resonates deeply with contemporary issues. … Read More

Sean Penn and Ukraine

The other night at the AmDocs Film Festival in Palm Springs, I had the chance to see Sean Penn introduce his documentary, “Superpower,” which showcases the resilience and struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression. Despite Sean Penn’s controversial … Read More

A Cinnamon Roll

I recount a surprising encounter with a waitress recommending a cinnamon roll for dessert at lunch, sparking my curiosity about this beloved treat. Originating in Northern Europe and popularized by chains like Cinnabon, cinnamon rolls boast a delectable combination of … Read More

Massage Chair

The other night, I encountered an extraordinary experience with Bruce and Tammy Barlow when they offered me to try a black leather massage chair adorned with a San Francisco 49ers logo. Initially hesitant, I found the chair extremely comfortable, embarking … Read More

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